Architect’s Handbook

The Architects Handbook contains the law, rules and regulations, and code of professional conduct governing the practice of architecture in the state of Alabama.  The Handbook is updated periodically when our statutes change or when the Board adopts or amends a regulation or provision of the code of professional conduct.  All registrants are expected to know the laws that govern their practice in Alabama.

Building Officials Handbook

The Handbook for Building Officials‘ purpose is to aid Building Officials and design reviewers, professionals in understanding the laws and administrative rules governing the practice of engineering, land surveying, and architecture within the State of Alabama. It is intended to be a source of basic information and does not address all the questions concerning the specific practices of engineering, land surveying, and architecture.

Do I need to Hire an Architect?

You already know that Safe Buildings Begin with an Architect, but do you know what types of building projects do not require an Architect? Or do you know what types of projects require an Architect’s Seal? Find out the answers and more in this handbook.