The Board adopted the following regulation regarding Construction Administration.

100-X-5-.06 Construction Administration.

(1) On a project where a building permit has been issued and an Alabama registered architect has not been engaged, or is no longer engaged, to perform construction administration services, the architect must report to the building official and the Board that he or she has not been, or is no longer, so engaged.

(2) Construction administration services of an architect deemed necessary to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public include but not necessarily limited to periodic site observations of the construction progress and quality, review of contractor submittal data and drawings, and reporting to the building official and owner any violations of codes or substantial deviations from the contract documents that the architect observed. As with other architectural services, qualified employees of registered architects may perform construction administration services under the instruction and responsible control of their employers.

If you will not be providing construction administration services on a project for which you (or your firm) are the architect of record, you must complete this form and fax, mail, or e-mail it to Debbie Whitman, .  You must also notify the local authority having jurisdiction in the city or county where the project is located.