The Board and NCARB have a procedure for granting reasonable testing accommodations to candidates with qualifying disabilities as outlined under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Candidates who may need extra testing time or other accommodations during the examination may be granted additional testing time, additional rest periods, separate testing facilities, and to a limited extent, special testing equipment.

Candidates with disabilities who plan to seek reasonable testing accommodations should contact the Board office at the time they initially apply for eligibility to take the A.R.E.® The Board will forward forms that must be completed by the applicant. NCARB must also review your accommodation request and supporting documentation after it has been reviewed by the Board. When approved by NCARB, the applicant will be notified as soon as possible regarding approval of reasonable accommodations.

For more information and to request the forms, please contact Tarina Moores at or (334) 242-4179.