The Board allows a candidate to begin taking the A.R.E.® if he/she has completed a professional degree from an architectural education program accredited by NAAB and has completed 930 hours of the NCARB AXP.

It is important to note that all registration requirements must be completed before the candidate can be registered as an architect, even if all parts of the A.R.E® have been passed. This means that in addition to the educational requirement, the candidate must complete the Architectural Experience Program requirement and submit his/her completed NCARB AXP file to the Board before he/she can be registered as an architect.

There are two important factors that should be evaluated prior to making the decision to begin testing under this provision:

  • Effective July 1, 2018, all candidates for the A.R.E.® must pass the six-division exam within five years. The five-year period shall commence on the date when the first passed division is administered.
  • Due to differing state requirements, it is possible that beginning the exam prior to completion of the AXP may affect opportunities for reciprocal registration in other states.

To apply, submit the following items to the Alabama Board of Architects:

  • ARE Application
  • Citizenship Affidavit and acceptable documentation.
  • Official Transcript from NAAB-accredited architecture program.
  • Copies of AXP Experience Reports documenting a minimum of 930 hours of the NCARB AXP (detailed reports, not summary reports).
  • Through the MyNCARB portal, ARE tab, request eligibility to take the ARE in the State of Alabama.
  • Application fee ($10) payable to Alabama Board of Architects.