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General information of interest to architects, interns, and the general public can be found here, including:Public

What is the Board?
Click here to view a short video covering "the basics" about the Alabama Board of Architects

Who is the Board?
Contact information for Board members and staff are included.

Do I need a Architect?
Learn which buildings do (or do not) require the services of an architect.

Proposed Regulation Change(s)
The Board members are interested in your comments about proposed changes to our regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to a variety of often-asked questions are provided.

Filing a Complaint
Important information and a complaint form are available here.

License Verification
Is the person who is offering to provide architectural services for you registered in the State of Alabama?  Find out here.

Active Certificates of Authorization
Find out if an architectural firm has an active Certificate of Authorization issued by the Board. Find out here.

Upcoming Meetings
Upcoming meetings of the Board members are included here.

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